PashaBiceps can't believe his luck after receiving temporary ban in CS:GO

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  Pasha had thrown a molotov at his AFK teammate’s feet while tossing a grenade for good measure, which instantly got him a “Disconnected: You have been kicked and banned for killing teammates at round start.”

  After being banned, pasha was hysterically stunned, claiming that?he had never killed a teammate in Wingman. Apparently, the Polish veteran?wasn’t aware of the consequences for doing so, but it still landed him a 24-hour competitive ban.

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  Of course, anyone that has been watching pasha's ever-entertaining CS:GO streams for long enough, will know that the former Virtus.Pro star has most certainly fallen foul of being punished for damaging teammates in matchmaking in the past!

  Luckily, bans from CS:GO's competitive Matchmaking and Wingman modes for leaving or damaging teammates do not prevent players from joining casual matches of playing third-party competitive PUGs on platforms like FACEIT or ESEA.

  The streamer moved onto some custom games to warm up and should be well aware to not burn the feet of his own Wingman when?his temporary?ban comes to an end.